Month: February 2021

Sustanon`s dosage

Sustanon is designed to maintain an adequate level of testosterone in the blood. However, research and practice have shown over time that this measure does not work as well in adolescents as expected, because at a young age it is advisable that testosterone remains at a more stable level. At the moment, Sustanon is used in medicine to treat adult men suffering from testosterone deficiency. Like many drugs, and especially testosterone, Sustanon is very popular as doping. The halflife of the agent is therefore approximately 21 days after administration. More details on the link:

The minimum deposit for Forex

Theoretically, it is possible to trade on Forex starting from $1. Some brokers offer such minimal deposit, but there is no sense in it. With such an amount the leverage must be huge, and the bigger it is, the easier it is to lose the deposit because of the slightest market fluctuations. The smaller is
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