Train CS:GO map overview

Train map, like Cache, refers a player in the Soviet Union setting. But if the Cache players are presented with a half-destroyed power unit, the Train map gives gamers a forgotten railway station filled with cars. It is at this station are nuclear cargoes, which are the main target of Balkan terrorists. It is also worth noting that the Train map is more predisposed to the game of defense, although the developers are trying to achieve a balance by constant updates. This is evidenced by the data on the winning sides in matches and official tournaments. This is due to the long distances and many obstacles (including cars), on which it is easier for Special Forces to shoot the running terrorists. In addition, you can find many interesting things at

History of the Train map

Train map first appeared in 1999 in Counter-Strike beta 5.0 version. We can safely say that this is one of the oldest maps, which are popular among professional players, which can’t be said about ordinary gamers. For today Train is played much less often, than conditional Dust 2. From the very first occurrence of a map and up to today it was subjected to certain processing:

  • New carriages were added.
  • Changed textures (which is not surprising with the development of technology and the release of new parts of the Counter-Strike series).
  • Expanded aisles, etc.

The last fairly large update falls on the end of 2014. Then on the map changed the engine and the graphical component, along with changing the size of the points for laying a bomb. Now the map is the same as we used to see it. In the near future, no significant changes should be expected, because Valve has long been involved in the processing of Cobblestone. Well, with everything soon the community expects recycling Mirage.

So, let’s get a closer look at the Train map, soaked in the Soviet entourage. It is the spirit of the Soviet Union hovering on the map that makes many players return to this map over and over again. Note that a large number of positions on this map follow from any historical moments. The same lines appeared in previous versions of the game, from that and the positions got the appropriate names.

Interesting facts:

  • On the basis of terrorists can be found a portrait of Grandfather Lenin. It is an excellent object for everyone who dreams to implement the ideas of Marxism-Leninism.
  • If you come close to the carriages at the bomb site, you can hear the sound characteristic of the Geiger counter. This indicates an increased level of radiation content.
  • At the base of the terrorists there is a cafe, coming to which you can hear music from Team Fortress 2.
  • Train is one of the very first maps to appear in the Counter-Strike series.
  • There is a “Do not step on birds” sign near the terrorist base. The thing is that in one of the updates, the players could have stepped on a chicken, which caused them to take off and climb the roof of the railway depot. That’s the kind of self-irony.
  • Next to the stairs you can find a position called “Popdog”. This is a kind of tribute to the developer of this map. 

Play, learn the positions, contact with your team and win. No matter how the side of the attack is weak, but to win rounds on it is still possible. To do this, you should attack synchronously. For a successful exit to the points should use smoke and flashbangs. Let’s consider the basic spreads at the exit to both points, as well as the basic locations of the players of the attacking side. If you want to analyze the game in more detail and understand how to diversify it, you should go to